Clinical Trial Portal

ePharmaSolutions' Clinical Trial Portal (CTP), winner of the Bio-IT World Annual Award for Best Clinical Trial Technology, is the most widely used portal for clinical site management in the world. The top 20 biopharmaceutical companies in the world rely on ePharmaSolutions' CTP to help accelerate and streamline study start-up, site management, and patient enrollment for more than 330,000 active users in 130 countries. The CTP can be deployed at the study, program, or enterprise level, and can be integrated with your current clinical trial and contracting systems.

The CTP includes a suite of modular-based applications that can be quickly configured at the enterprise, study, and site level to support the ever changing requirements of global clinical trials. The applications within the CTP support the following functional areas to help accelerate and improve study start-up, site management/communication, and patient recruitment:

  • Clinical Investigator database of more than 200,000 Investigators in 130 countries
  • Secure study workspace with communication, collaboration, and study/site management workflow
  • Online protocol/site feasibility/selection with site ranking and campaign management tools
  • Secure document exchange with eSignature digital signature for online completion of study documents, contracts, and budgets
  • Study/site training, technology certification, and rater certification/data monitoring
  • Safety letter (INDSR) distribution and tracking
  • Electronic Monitor Trip Report Completion with eSignature
  • Patient recruitment planning and execution
  • Electronic Trial Master File
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