The right sites can make all the difference. At ePharmaSolutions, we help clients to identify, select, and engage the highest performing investigators for their clinical research trials.

About ePS’ Site Identification and Feasibility Solutions

Using a combination of proprietary data, technology and expertise, ePharmaSolutions provides clinical teams with predictive and actionable intelligence to support the single most important decision they’ll make on a clinical research trial: which investigators to chose.

Reduce the time, cost, and guesswork
involved in site selection.

The Clinical Trials Technology Ecosystem

By Denise Myshko

PharmaVOICE, June 2017- Merck used the (ePS) feasibility solution for a non-small cell lung cancer trial in 2015 at a time when it was difficult to get teams out to sites to do on-site visits for site assessments. The feasibility tool helped to increase the investigator response rate to the feasibility questionnaire and allowed Merck to make better informed site-selection decisions within a shorter time.

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Dare to compare

See how your sites compared to their peers in similar studies.

Get Necessary Information with Minimal Site Burden.

Our feasibility questionnaires are painless for sites to complete – they include online, CFR 21 part 11-compliant confidentiality agreements (CDA) with PDF output, pre-populated responses based on a site’s past entries, and the ability to save and complete later, if necessary.

Bring Speed and Transparency to Global Site Selection.

Our communication dashboard provides a clear view into the status of any feasibility initiative. Once a feasibility questionnaire is live, sponsors can easily send follow-ups, track completion, or delegate questionnaires while assessing responses in real-time and sharing feedback with team members.

Get Your Study to Last Patient, First Visit Faster