ePharmaSolutions offers the only global safety reporting solution that has been demonstrated to increase compliance and improve patient safety, while reducing cost and streamlining operations.

About Safety Portal

Safety Portal is the only technology-enabled solution to measurably improve the safety distribution process. Leveraging global expertise and proprietary technology, Safety Portal addresses the three main sources of sponsor frustration:

  • Lack of harmonization among global reporting rules, which are complicated and vary by country
  • Difficulty determining causality
  • Fear of non-compliance and regulatory repercussion

Safety Portal: The Leading Safety Reporting Solution

The Cost of Safety Letter Distiribution

using ePharmaSolutions Safety Portal solution over the traditional approach

*based on total # of SUSARs

Causality-driven Engine

Safety Portal’s causality-driven engine filters documents based on each country’s individual causality determinants. This proprietary algorithm ensures that investigators receive only documents which they are obligated to review.

Country-specific Knowledgebase

Safety Portal harnesses the expertise of ePS’ global network of specialists, who understand the complex reporting rules and regulations in each country. Our knowledgebase contains built-in rules for 110 countries, as well as automated cover letters in each language. The solution also allows for tailoring as regulations evolve.

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