ePharmaSolutions is committed to helping sponsors, contract research organizations and investigator sites to streamline and accelerate clinical trials. We harness the power of technology to help you cut through clutter, manage documents effortlessly, and standardize workflow.

Innovation can be inspiring, but it can also compete with the realities of daily trial management. Let ePS help you build a healthier tomorrow by providing the clever, unexpected solutions that you need today.

Our solutions include:

With solutions to address the most common sources of frustration in the management of clinical trials, ePharmaSolutions’ award-winning ePharmaOne™ 21 CFR Part 11-compliant platform is widely used, hosting more than 350,000 clinical researchers in 130 countries. The industry’s only true comprehensive solution, ePharmaOne revolutionizes the quality of communication between sponsors, CROs and sites, and the efficiency with which new drugs and therapies are delivered to market.

The ePharmaOne solution supports the simplified, efficient and paperless management of:

  • Feasibility and Site Identification
  • Site Learning Management
  • Document Management and Distribution
  • Patient Engagement
ePharmaSolutions is the leading provider of rapidly deployable, protocol-specific online learning management solutions. Supported by ePharmaOne, ePS Learn brings together best-in-class clinical instructional designers, trainers, and in-house clinicians to create training modules that appeal to adult learners and promote just-in-time compliance within the constraints of the hectic schedules of research professionals.

In addition to good clinical practice (GCP) and study-level courses, ePS focuses on two highly-specialized areas of training in clinical research:

  • Rater Reliability Training
    • This includes study-specific training and certification, applied skills training on proper interviewing techniques, and an ongoing in-study surveillance process for continuous calibration and quality checking to ensure the most accurate data throughout the study. Our clinical team includes doctoral level staff clinicians, global psychologists and psychiatrists, and global clinician consultants that specialize in the most investigated CNS indications in over 60 countries.
  • GRAPPA Training
    • ePS is the official training partner of the Group for Research and Assessment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis (GRAPPA), a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to enhancing the research, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions. Together with GRAPPA, ePS has built a catalog of online learning courses for clinicians working in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis research and development, which has helped to standardize the use of rating scales and improve endpoint reliability in studies with subjective endpoints.
According to the National Academy of Sciences, on average, more than 30 percent of clinical trial participants drop-out before a meaningful determination of efficacy and safety can be made using their data. The failure to retain participants results in study delays, and requires that resources be devoted to the enrollment of additional subjects.

ePharmaSolutions addresses this challenge with ePS Engage, a solution that is aimed at increasing patient engagement and retention in clinical trials. Using technology to help patients feel more connected to their clinical trial has been proven to reduce drop-out rates during the study. With tools that include eConsent, text messaging, and study reminders, ePS Engage helps sponsors, contract research organizations and investigators to keep patients engaged for the duration of the study.

Clinical trials are complicated enough. Add in low-enrolling investigators, IRB/EC bottlenecks, under-performing sites and burdensome document management systems, and it’s no wonder that 75% of trials are over budget and behind schedule.

Together with our parent organization, the WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG), we have developed a solution to this problem. We call it WCG Optimize, powered by ePharmaSolutions. A unique blend of powerful offerings, Optimize will help you simplify your processes, increase compliance, and safely accelerate study start-up by a matter of months.

WCG Optimize addresses the most common sources of delay and difficulty in clinical trial start-up:

  • Feasibility and Site Identification
  • Contracts, budgets and payments
  • Ethical review
  • Oversight of research involving Gene Therapy
  • Site learning management
  • Patient engagement and retention

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